Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Oh yea, I forgot to post the 12/12/12. Everyone is making such a big deal lol calm yo tilts.

It was also my dad's birthday yesterday. I seriously got no idea how old he is haha. Oh wells. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD <3

I might not also blog for a while because the holiday is coming soon. Ok? ok

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bobby & Meow

I just love it when they get along. This was probably after I trim my dog's tail, like seriously before, it looked like a horse's tail.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

A walk to remember

Ok so I'm a tad obsessed with 'A walk to remember'. Yesterday, I borrowed the book and read it all until 2am. It's just cute and sad. It's the type of book I like to read tbh and I don't read (much).

I was really surprised how different it is compare to the movie. Credits to Nicholas Sparks the master genius of love novels. He should write my love story minus the death and sad bits.

If you never watch or read 'A walk to remember'. Well you should cause  you're missing out shit. I recommend the movie more for 4 reason.
1. It's not based on the 50's but 90's
2. It's cuter to see it than imagine. Just saying.
3. Landon is more of a bad boy ;) the characters are slightly different in personality and some were cut out so it's easy to remember who is who.
4. I guess it gets to the point faster.

 okay that is all cheers xoxo

Friday, 5 October 2012

Too lazy

Yep I cannot remember the last time I wrote a post. I am stuck with my story and I am currently drawing the character. Ok since school holiday is nearly over, I'm starting to stress about exams & assignments coming up. Oh bull, I'm not bothered for it. Haven't check my stat lately so I forgot how much views I'm getting. So the " Dear stupid bitch at my school" post got good views, I don't know whether I should delete, I mean it's not nice of me say mean things and besides, I could get in trouble.
Lately, I discovered about the living doll. I wanna be a living doll!!! Too bad I'm fugly you know. Venus Angelic on youtube kinda inspired me. Not only her but Dakota is also a living doll. Nah but there are some controversy about them so I'll probably stay away.
Relating to that, I really want to buy my own sewing machine. I want to start an online shop. Yea......nope probably won't be successful.
Thanks for being patient, been really lazy and cheers guys! xoxo

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I want to be forever alone

I have decided that I will be single forever. I'm accepting the fact that I will never find love. Sounds depressing but it's true like seriously good thing I'm a girl and I can't carry my family name to the next generation. LOL I actually don't mind if I died old and alone. Seeing how love is so complicated just blows my mind gosh. Society can't accept me for who I am so what to the eves.

I got to say ever since One Direction, I find it hard to like anyone else. I have to accept the fact that no one can be them so I rather be alone then not have one direction.

I'm dedicate my  life to blogging :) or whatever I like. I'll laugh if I get married one day hahaha.
My expectation of guys are too high and impossible. Anyone know a tall, nice, good looking, deep voice.
 WAIT WAIT WAIT let me be more detailed.

  • A tall guy (175-195cm)
  • Nice (I can call him whenever and he won't mind, buys me nice things, don't swear and won't mind if i swear, defend me from bullies or bitches)
  • Good looking (half asian, blonde, nice collar bone, a bit of six pack, nice eye brows, cute smile, nice teeth, long hair, nice skin tone, dimples)
  • Funny ( tells me dirty jokes, makes funny faces in seriously situation, actually tell me dry jokes but make it funny)
  • Other stuff ( deep voice that sound hot when sleepy, nice cuddles, willing to do risky things for me, kisses me in public, holds my hand in front of bitches, calls me first, nice fashion, plays instrument or sport)

It's really to much to ask for and a guy like that is out of my league. I'm not wasting my time looking for a guy like that. Let love find me.

Cheers guise.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Painted bowl

Yay so yesterday, my dad bought me a bowl and it was just red. I decided OMG this is perfect! I could paint it.  Wallah 1D <3 My name is down there hehe

Hehe cute yea?  I painted white dots and some leafs and hearts.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

eyelash curler

Yesterday, wile I was doing my casual Wednesday jigging, I bought my first eyelash curler lol.  My makeup kit is complete :D So I was trying to remember how the youtube guru did it, and it looked easy and all but I'm still getting use to it. I was pretty scared to try it cause come on it looks like an eyelash cutter.

  I'm not the only one that thinks it looks like scissors right??

I have to say, it's not that effective. I don't know if its the brand or it only works with mascara. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

what's its name?

There it is the bird lool it likes biting fingers :/ Im posting this with my phone so its difficult to get the pictures right. Haven't decided its name. k just gonna post pictures and i'll fit the position later

Stare into yo soul mwahah

I find it odd that the cat doesn't give a shit about the bird

My jealous Bobby

Sunday, 29 April 2012

fear of marrige :S

I think I have a fear of getting married and it's weird o__O I had 2 dreams where I got married but I didn't want to. I have to say it must be my age like I'm still young. When I think of getting married I get scared and I think normally other girls plan their marriage from like 5 or something. My view on getting married is that my freedom will be taken away. Maybe I'm afraid of commitment.... Yea that might be the case. I see a  cute  guy and I get over him after a few days. Tbh I don't really admit it but I can like someone easily. If a guy is tall, I automatically get attracted to him :L It's like with a toy, I want it so badly then when i have it I get over it. Yea cruel example.

Back to the topic marriage. I feel sorry for those girls who gets arranged marriage at 9. I'm older then that and I'm afraid not to mention at 9! losing freedom at that age :( So the other day on Facebook, one of my friend from Indonesia (shit i spelt it as indonisa on my essay) said he wanted to marry me... I spazzed out. Ew i don't even like him. I could list a lot of reason why i don't like him...(hope he doesn't see this lol)

 I can full imagine myself on my wedding day, I would full be nervous and ran away *sighs*

                                                                       Probs my reaction

Even though I don't want to get married, but  I know in 10 years or more I'll be like "I wanna get married!" Its a typical me to change my mind.

Transparent Sexy Pink Heart