Sunday, 29 April 2012

fear of marrige :S

I think I have a fear of getting married and it's weird o__O I had 2 dreams where I got married but I didn't want to. I have to say it must be my age like I'm still young. When I think of getting married I get scared and I think normally other girls plan their marriage from like 5 or something. My view on getting married is that my freedom will be taken away. Maybe I'm afraid of commitment.... Yea that might be the case. I see a  cute  guy and I get over him after a few days. Tbh I don't really admit it but I can like someone easily. If a guy is tall, I automatically get attracted to him :L It's like with a toy, I want it so badly then when i have it I get over it. Yea cruel example.

Back to the topic marriage. I feel sorry for those girls who gets arranged marriage at 9. I'm older then that and I'm afraid not to mention at 9! losing freedom at that age :( So the other day on Facebook, one of my friend from Indonesia (shit i spelt it as indonisa on my essay) said he wanted to marry me... I spazzed out. Ew i don't even like him. I could list a lot of reason why i don't like him...(hope he doesn't see this lol)

 I can full imagine myself on my wedding day, I would full be nervous and ran away *sighs*

                                                                       Probs my reaction

Even though I don't want to get married, but  I know in 10 years or more I'll be like "I wanna get married!" Its a typical me to change my mind.

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