Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I want to be forever alone

I have decided that I will be single forever. I'm accepting the fact that I will never find love. Sounds depressing but it's true like seriously good thing I'm a girl and I can't carry my family name to the next generation. LOL I actually don't mind if I died old and alone. Seeing how love is so complicated just blows my mind gosh. Society can't accept me for who I am so what to the eves.

I got to say ever since One Direction, I find it hard to like anyone else. I have to accept the fact that no one can be them so I rather be alone then not have one direction.

I'm dedicate my  life to blogging :) or whatever I like. I'll laugh if I get married one day hahaha.
My expectation of guys are too high and impossible. Anyone know a tall, nice, good looking, deep voice.
 WAIT WAIT WAIT let me be more detailed.

  • A tall guy (175-195cm)
  • Nice (I can call him whenever and he won't mind, buys me nice things, don't swear and won't mind if i swear, defend me from bullies or bitches)
  • Good looking (half asian, blonde, nice collar bone, a bit of six pack, nice eye brows, cute smile, nice teeth, long hair, nice skin tone, dimples)
  • Funny ( tells me dirty jokes, makes funny faces in seriously situation, actually tell me dry jokes but make it funny)
  • Other stuff ( deep voice that sound hot when sleepy, nice cuddles, willing to do risky things for me, kisses me in public, holds my hand in front of bitches, calls me first, nice fashion, plays instrument or sport)

It's really to much to ask for and a guy like that is out of my league. I'm not wasting my time looking for a guy like that. Let love find me.

Cheers guise.

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