Thursday, 11 October 2012

A walk to remember

Ok so I'm a tad obsessed with 'A walk to remember'. Yesterday, I borrowed the book and read it all until 2am. It's just cute and sad. It's the type of book I like to read tbh and I don't read (much).

I was really surprised how different it is compare to the movie. Credits to Nicholas Sparks the master genius of love novels. He should write my love story minus the death and sad bits.

If you never watch or read 'A walk to remember'. Well you should cause  you're missing out shit. I recommend the movie more for 4 reason.
1. It's not based on the 50's but 90's
2. It's cuter to see it than imagine. Just saying.
3. Landon is more of a bad boy ;) the characters are slightly different in personality and some were cut out so it's easy to remember who is who.
4. I guess it gets to the point faster.

 okay that is all cheers xoxo

Friday, 5 October 2012

Too lazy

Yep I cannot remember the last time I wrote a post. I am stuck with my story and I am currently drawing the character. Ok since school holiday is nearly over, I'm starting to stress about exams & assignments coming up. Oh bull, I'm not bothered for it. Haven't check my stat lately so I forgot how much views I'm getting. So the " Dear stupid bitch at my school" post got good views, I don't know whether I should delete, I mean it's not nice of me say mean things and besides, I could get in trouble.
Lately, I discovered about the living doll. I wanna be a living doll!!! Too bad I'm fugly you know. Venus Angelic on youtube kinda inspired me. Not only her but Dakota is also a living doll. Nah but there are some controversy about them so I'll probably stay away.
Relating to that, I really want to buy my own sewing machine. I want to start an online shop. Yea......nope probably won't be successful.
Thanks for being patient, been really lazy and cheers guys! xoxo
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