Friday, 5 October 2012

Too lazy

Yep I cannot remember the last time I wrote a post. I am stuck with my story and I am currently drawing the character. Ok since school holiday is nearly over, I'm starting to stress about exams & assignments coming up. Oh bull, I'm not bothered for it. Haven't check my stat lately so I forgot how much views I'm getting. So the " Dear stupid bitch at my school" post got good views, I don't know whether I should delete, I mean it's not nice of me say mean things and besides, I could get in trouble.
Lately, I discovered about the living doll. I wanna be a living doll!!! Too bad I'm fugly you know. Venus Angelic on youtube kinda inspired me. Not only her but Dakota is also a living doll. Nah but there are some controversy about them so I'll probably stay away.
Relating to that, I really want to buy my own sewing machine. I want to start an online shop. Yea......nope probably won't be successful.
Thanks for being patient, been really lazy and cheers guys! xoxo

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