Friday, 15 February 2013


For the past few days, I noticed my lorikeet was acting a tad strange and looking weak. Then this morning, it was lying down in the cage which is strange.
I heard my mum telling my brother to set it free, since in the beginning it wasn't ours but it didn't want to leave. It just lay in the garden.

I felt so bad because of all the time, I was telling everyone "how I hate the bird", "It was so annoying" but deep down I feel bad. I always greet it with rude words and ugghh I just can't stand watching it be so sick and everything.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Damn stress

Just returned back to school and I hate it. Booo for being senior now. Got the subjects I chose and my mum isn't pleased. She wants me to do Business, legal or economic like hell no to those stressing subjects. I wanna be happy with life and  do subjects I know I'll enjoy and do good in. I really don't wanna go university but I'm already a  disappointment so it looks likle I got no choice really.

While in Retail class, my teacher said that it was our own choice to do what we feel comfortable in not other what other people want and she was right. I rather be happy than struggle with what others expect me to do.
 Knowing me, I can't deal with stressing. I'll probably jump off a cliff.

I really don't know what to do after highschool. Should I take a gap year, have a job or just go into uni?
This is what I want in life:
-Have my own affortable apartment
-Shopping alot
-Be on me laptop endless hours
-Live my own life without any stress or fiancial problem
-Probably be forever alone
-Live in the city
-Travel around the world
-I really super really want to live off blogger, making money from it.

So you know, help me be happy because I'm SUPER STRESSING!!!
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