Thursday, 7 March 2013


Haha I was just reading my old fanfic and they were in second person. Seriously I can't even look at them.  First post of the month. I've been writing other post but don't know how to finish it. I got two short stories and a 'be happy' post.
I love writing short stories because it's like creating my own world. Oh I'm so excited to post it up.
I gotta tell how I came up with the idea!

So two weeks ago, on a Wednesday, I was bored in class. I got out a pen and started drawing on my hand. It was those hipster swirls. It looked like a tattoo and was cool looking (not bias...)
Then I wondered if someone would mistaken me for an 18 year old with an tattoo. Then it hit me. A story. I quickly wrote the idea down in my -sad to say- Nokia phone. I like the storyline but I don't really like the girl character. At the beginning I made her bored of life and needed an adventure. Then I got carried away and made her personality too normal. I wanted her to be a nice caring person so it'll match with the guy character, who is charming and smexy.

I had photo's day at school and really, I freaking hate Photo's day the most. I full stress about how to smile and this year I decided to do a weird smile because Fuck it.

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