Friday, 8 March 2013

My saturday

Let me start with Friday Night first.
Ok Friday nights mean movie night. An Indian film was on, called 'Raavan'. The story line was good but OMG the ending made me swear at the tv. I was like " FUCK YOU FUCK YOU". The main character died and that killed it. The girl started to have feelings for him and the jerk head husband and his police crew shot him. So the main characte rguy name was Beera,  who is the gang leader. The girl name is Ragini, who is wife of an inspector.
The stupid inspector and his crew ruined Beera's sister's wedding and raped her so she commited suicide. Beera wants revenge so kidnapped the inspector's wife. He falls in love with her. Like seriously she is so beautiful. This was my first time seeing an indian with blue eyes. That's just so pretty.
I reallly started to like Beera's character. The ending was sad. It should have went that Ragini and Beera ran away together.
This is why I love Indian films. It has plot twist and unexpected things.

Ok Saturday morning which is today, I decided to check out the new anime store. My stupid cousins ruined it by tagging along. Like no get lost you little rat. I went into the anime store... lame. The stuff were expensive and made in China. I wasted my time really. $16 for a tiny key ring. No.
I got amneisa episode 9 unfffff. That's why I always look forward to Saturdays.
I'm super excited to finish my short story. OMG it's so cute I don't even know how to put it in words.
Oh ok it seems like I wrote more about Raavan than my Saturday. Like damn my stupid cousins ruined the mood.

Annnnnnnddddd bye.

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