Monday, 8 April 2013


Finally it's the last week of school WOOOW. I just have to post about the hush hush series. I'm up to the last book and each book, I'm starting to hate Nora even more like piss off. She's so stubborn it hurts. My Patch is going all out to help her and she calls him a jerk. Ehhh go punch yourself.
I have a feeling their going to have sex like seriously? No.
Firstly, because Patch is a fallen Angel, he can't be physically  feel. Talk about sex, he'll just pleasure her but he won't feel a thing. It's like doing the air for Patch. So please don't have sex.
 Oh and Nora's a hoe.

lalala....I can't remember what I was going to blog about....
Errr right. I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention that for Lent this year, I gave up meat. I know right Woah. I didn't think I could do but I did and in the end, I enjoy eating vegetarian more than I thought. I love how my mum bake potatoes for me. Potato yuuuummm.

My egg is still not smash or broken. You know I'll be a good mum seriously.

I'm planning on continuing my story on tomorrow because all my assignments are done. I'm super excited to post it up. I think I would have to separate it into two parts. Speaking of short stories, YAY for mote mote for reaching up to my popular post. I was actually working on the next part, Santo's ending but seriously I'm not that bothered. Since my phone is dead and I deleted the game, there's no way I can find the dialogue and it's a pain the ass to make up a dialogue. 
Speaking of popular post, I want to get rid of haylor fanfic from the top. It's embarrassing to look at. I don't even know why fear of marriage is there. Like no.

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