Friday, 19 April 2013

Hush hush, sad book and a walk to remember

So this post might be boring if you don't know what hush hush and  A walk to remember is. If you do know hush hush well this could be a spolier lol.

So I’ve finally finished the hush hush series. The last book made me hate Nora so much it’s not funny. In the end, Scot sacrifice himself to save her, which was the saddest thing ever. He’s so sweet, always trying to protect that bitch but he’s stuck at friend zone. So anyways Patch came up to Nora and that bitch full gets happy and forgets about Scot. Really? He just bloody died for her and all you see is her sticking her tongue down Patch’s mouth. Seriously every scene they kiss and shit. It really gets on your nerve, it ain’t  cute if they do it all the time. Yea anyways she was suppose to be sad as hell because Scot just died. SCOT DIED. But no she’s didn’t seem to give a shit about him. What pisses me off is that Patch was able to physically feel in the end. Now they’re going to have sex 24/7. WHYYY?! she’s so stubborn, jealous and stupid, it pisses me off. She always has to start trouble with Patch, thinking he’s off with another girl. Sit the eff down and trust Patch. 

Speaking of Novels, I was googling sad books to read. Guess what some suggestions are...Twilight. Seriously? You got to be kidding me if you think Twilight is sad? Oh Edward’s sparkles brings tears to my eyes. So anyways, I continued to find a book. None fits my liking. They’re all revolve around romance. I must be the only person who doesn’t find ‘The notebook’ or ‘Dear John” tear jerking. Was I suppose to cry? Nah I just feel like their life is complicated. I don’t personally find romance tragedy sad. What’s sad is when it involves a family member dying or an animal (mainly dogs) dying. That’s what gets the tears rolling. 

I don’t even know why I do this to myself, I want to read or watch something sad. The last time I did that was for an anime called ‘Air’. Damn I didn’t even watch anime for a week. It was so sad that it made me wish I wasn’t born. It was so sad that it made ‘A walk to remember look happy’. Yes that was how sad it was. I cried so much that I actually sobbed. 

Speaking of ‘A walk to remember’, I was doing an english assignment and I had to find a movie about change. It was a perfect movie. It had change and great film techniques. I was re-watching for the millionth time carefully analyzing it. Tbh I can’t see Landon’s face show much Love towards to Jamie. Is that just me? There really needs to be remake of ‘A walk to remember.’ I want this time for it to be accurate to the book. It needs that explosion  of emotion. Make it in the 50’s just like how they made ‘The notebook’ accurate to the era with the book. I mean it, look at the reviews for it. They should have left the Play Jamie and Landon did in the book. Like seriously what the eff is the play in the movie about? The one in the book reflects on Jamie’s dad and his story of how he lost his wife and loves his daughter. The movie made Jamie’s cancer look like a cold. In the book, it describes in detail how weak and sick she was. It also shows the bond and connection Landon had towards her. In the book, when Jamie confess to Landon about her cancer, he full hugs her and supported her. In the movie, I didn’t feel the connection it felt like he was just a friend. She ran off and I wanted him to chase after her telling her not to be scared or that he loved her. This is the most important part. The walk down the aisle. THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE STORY AND THEY DIDN’T MENTION IT IN THE MOVIE. Jamie struggling to walk down the aisle was a walk to remember. That line in the book made me explode with feels. In the movie she just walks normally down the aisle. WHY??? You have cancer you should be in a wheel chair or struggling to even walk. The movie really is a disappointment of you read the book. 

Well I didn’t expect to brag a lot but yea that is how I feel. 

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