Monday, 27 May 2013

Thursday, 23 May 2013

I did it again....drifted off drawing instead of studying but hey it's pretty nice <3

Monday, 20 May 2013


I was really bored so I went on google and search for the list of best seller books. I went and scrolled through the list and I came across a book title Lolita ( I thought lolita means little girls that dress gothic)  and it looks interesting. I clicked on it and read what it was about.
You know what? I feel disgusted because I want to read it. It has a whole forbidden and lewd written on it. Yea wow I'm that disgusting.

Lolita was written by Vladimir Nabokov in the 50's. Let me summarise it. Pedophile. Oh but the plot on the wikipedia didn't even use the word Pedophile. It just said the middle aged guy had a thing for young girls or nymphet which is an actual word for attractive and sexually mature young girls and I didn't know there was even a word for it because the word slut pretty sums it up. 
So yea it's about a relationship between a 12 year old girl and a middle aged guy. Now I'm not into these kind of these things but this is forbidden and I'm into that. Now because it was written in the 50's, I thought it was alright for an much older guy to be with a young girl but nope. I probably don't know my history. 
Usually in these kind of situation, a girl won't accept a pedo but the girl who the guy calls Lolita, doesn't mind being in a sexual relationship with him. Let me remind you, she is 12 and sexually active. 
This guy is really obsessed which is scary. Lol it sounds like I finished the book but I haven't even read it.

Ok I don't know this book is messed up in it's own way.

This is my reaction while reading the plot and disappointed ending. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's day

So really, I didn't see my mum all day because I was over at my friend's house doing bloody maths assignment. When I got home which was about 6 pm ish.  My mum was in a really bad mood and all which I felt was an bad time to give my present but I did anyways because my brother was in the same room and he didn't buy her anything. Here's how the convo went:
(We spoke in viet btw but I'll translate it)

Me: Mum?
Mum (in bad mood): What?
Me: This is for mother's day. (holds her the necklace)
Mum: Aww you'll do this for me?
Mum to my brother: Why didn't you get me anything?
Bro: Because no one ever buys me anything
Mum: I'm just so happy even if she buys me a spoon I'll still be happy.
Me in my head: Mwahahah u mad bro?

So yea that's how it went

Friday, 10 May 2013

My mother's day gift for my mum

From Louisa. I can't afford Pandora but at least the thought counts <3

My Pen is huge

Wooo! Had so much fun today. The excursion to the fricken city has to be the best so far. Took the train, which was weird because the school usually hires a bus but whatever, the train is 100% cooler. It was a retail excursion where we had to see how the employees communicate with the customers but mostly, we just went shopping. Yea sad thing was most of the stores were designer brand and luxury. Couldn't afford a  thing except urban clothes like supre :'( It was depressing to walk past a cute blouse that costs $55 and all I had in my wallet was $30. I got my mum a mother's day gift which was from Louisa, a necklace. The thing I love the most was that the mall had free wifi like are you kidding me? I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!

Like seriously, it was an eye opener experience. It was the first time I saw stores like Peter Alexander, Louis Vuitton, Pandora etc. So amazing. You know what else was amazing? hot guys like staph.

They're in a band called Everything After. Click here for the facebook link. Their voices were incredible.

I'm so weird, I can't even ask for a pic so I had to sneak one. Lol I think he saw me (0///0)
I had a derp face so yea...Oh and also I wanted to take a sneak shot with the guy in the blue shirt. He was so cute!! Jeez I sound like a pervert stalker.

It's Harrison from the voice australia!!! He's so cute with his smile. I swear he looks better in real life then in the picture.

Afterwards went to the apple store to see the customer service there lol Nah I just rather use the free wifi thx. It was an amazing day to remember. 

My day got ruined by my jerk brother and dad like seriously eff off. They full go saying how I'm dumb and all like WTF??!! My dad expects me to know how a bloody train station works like seriously? I'm not even allow to catch a train by myself and he full expects me to know how much a ticket cost. Piss off! Unreasonable people. Far out, especially in the morning when he was dropping me off to the station, he  said to the other fag, "She's so stupid, doesn't even know which side of the station she's suppose to be. Blah Blah Blah she's so stupid." Bloody old man! he thinks words don't hurt or something?? I full got teary and I didn't want to be sad on an excursion. I swear, he's so sexist. Not just him. You heard of father like son? Yes, my brother is also sexist. Yea I think I'm just putting my anger in this post. Alright I won't go into detail how sexist they are because really this is about my excursion not them.

Got this at typo hahahah! Yesh that smexy blue towel

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


I just wanna face palm myself. I logged on my gaiaonline which I made in 2009, and wow. This is a perfect definition of Chuunibyou  otherwise known as 8th grade syndrome or just delusional....
It was back in time of watching anime and wanting a personal blog. I'm cringing at it OH MY LORD

Name: Angel of random peace 

CRINGING SO MUCH. STUPID TWELVIE ME!!  what is this??? 'highskool
Wow at the amount of twelvie noob level. Its weird to know I  haven't changed much. Still random, lazy and want to help others.

I can't spell and write for shit. UGH 
bubblegum chewer? alright. 

Transparent Sexy Pink Heart