Monday, 20 May 2013


I was really bored so I went on google and search for the list of best seller books. I went and scrolled through the list and I came across a book title Lolita ( I thought lolita means little girls that dress gothic)  and it looks interesting. I clicked on it and read what it was about.
You know what? I feel disgusted because I want to read it. It has a whole forbidden and lewd written on it. Yea wow I'm that disgusting.

Lolita was written by Vladimir Nabokov in the 50's. Let me summarise it. Pedophile. Oh but the plot on the wikipedia didn't even use the word Pedophile. It just said the middle aged guy had a thing for young girls or nymphet which is an actual word for attractive and sexually mature young girls and I didn't know there was even a word for it because the word slut pretty sums it up. 
So yea it's about a relationship between a 12 year old girl and a middle aged guy. Now I'm not into these kind of these things but this is forbidden and I'm into that. Now because it was written in the 50's, I thought it was alright for an much older guy to be with a young girl but nope. I probably don't know my history. 
Usually in these kind of situation, a girl won't accept a pedo but the girl who the guy calls Lolita, doesn't mind being in a sexual relationship with him. Let me remind you, she is 12 and sexually active. 
This guy is really obsessed which is scary. Lol it sounds like I finished the book but I haven't even read it.

Ok I don't know this book is messed up in it's own way.

This is my reaction while reading the plot and disappointed ending. 

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