Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's day

So really, I didn't see my mum all day because I was over at my friend's house doing bloody maths assignment. When I got home which was about 6 pm ish.  My mum was in a really bad mood and all which I felt was an bad time to give my present but I did anyways because my brother was in the same room and he didn't buy her anything. Here's how the convo went:
(We spoke in viet btw but I'll translate it)

Me: Mum?
Mum (in bad mood): What?
Me: This is for mother's day. (holds her the necklace)
Mum: Aww you'll do this for me?
Mum to my brother: Why didn't you get me anything?
Bro: Because no one ever buys me anything
Mum: I'm just so happy even if she buys me a spoon I'll still be happy.
Me in my head: Mwahahah u mad bro?

So yea that's how it went

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