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Free Otome/visual novel for Android List

What is Otome games? Otome games are games for girls, usually in visual novel form where we can interact with the characters in the game and win their love and what not. (Or AKA I can’t talk to guys in real life :/) So anyways, ever since I got my new phone a few months ago (Samsung Galaxy S Duos), I’ve been obsessed with downloading them Otome games from the play store. I think I downloaded most of the free one. Well I shall do a review on them all. Stay tune for new otome/visual novel updates. Written in grey is the plot
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updated 11/11/14
Mistress Contract

There are three different stories to this otome game. 
1. Mistress Contact: In order to save the family's factory, the heroine becomes a mistress for a handsome businessman, who is cold and has a grunge against your brother.
2. Marriage for revenge: You want to avenge your grandfather so you arranged into a marriage with a prince-like businessman.
3. Fake Fiance, Fake marriage: A completely fake marriage and fake marriage life.

I've started with Mistress contract and so far I really really hate it. First thing first, the main protagonist (you) is a weak dumb bitch and it makes me cringed so much at her stupidity. The fact that she doesn't know how to run a business even to the fact that she doesn't even know what product the factory produces makes me laugh. She falls for the main guy of the story, Eric, who is an asshole so far, and I just want to punch her in the face because it's so obvious that he is a pretending to be nice to see if she is a cheap woman. I'm sick of cold guys in otome games like piss off, ain't nobody got time to win you over and from the looks of this, it'll be a long development until he changes. I just can't do this anymore. It's so hard to continue, knowing that she gives herself to him and is forever dumb and weak. 

There is still hope for this app. The other two stories are so much better. I'm hooked onto them that I can't stop playing. In a breif note, overall I'm in love with it! Shouldn't have started with
Eric because bleh. Now I can rate this


updated 25/3/14
Don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story
The visual novel surround the perspective of a high school teacher name John Rook dealing with his student's drama. He has the ability to read their private message on their social media. At first when I played it, the art was strangely familiar to  Koyonplete inc. Such a strange title for a visual novel but the more you get into the game the more the title makes sense in a way. The choices in the visual novel doesn't do much effect to the story line. Let just say the tree branch is limited. The only one that kind of has minor effect is when one student, Adriana, confesses to John Rook. You can either accept her or decline. Yes I accepted. Go on, judge me. Anyway, this by far has to be the least cliche visual novel I ever played. It involves the theme of sexual orientation, death (kind of), modern day teenage drama, illegal relationship and identity. I wouldn't say I like the script of the Visual novel but lets face it, that's how we talk. Why is it called D.T.I.P.B.I.J.A.Y.S? Each student is in the world of their own and John Rook is really just a minor character in their lives but this is his perspective. Therefore their drama, their life, their story.

updated 2/7/14
It's our secret
 This otome game is fairly similar in terms with the step-brother conflict drama.  You have a one year contract to marry your step-brother for inheritance. Crazy right? It was in the father's will for them to marry each other. The further you get the better the stories are. I don't mind the heroine's personality because she is hardworking and independent which I love <3
I'm up to Edward's 4th story and I'm so in love with him. Each story has 3 endings, if you have enough love points then you can read all of them. I suggest get enough love points because with the titles of the endings, you don't know which ending is good or bad. There's a Kevin story coming out soon and I'm pretty excited because I adore him so much for having a one-sided love for the heroine after all these years. Anyways, in terms of animation, very attractive ;)


Get Dumped
Michi, who is a fairly average girl, has the perfect boyfriend (Arashi) every girl wants. That is until he dumped her. She asks for one last date and aims to find out why he dumped her. Another visual novel from Visualnovels.nl. The same one that made Sleepless night and Witch Spell. That's enough reason for me to start playing because I liked those two and so far this is pretty interesting. So I finished all the endings and I enjoyed it but at the same time I didn't. All the endings were getting dumped. I thought at least one ending Michi and her boyfriend work things out but noooo. She's a tad clingy and seriously she needs to know that she deserves better. Arashi is so plain in terms of personality, don't know what the girls go crazy for.
It can be frustrating getting the endings so find a walkthrough. I liked the art and music, it makes it more enjoyable . 

Updated 3/1/14
Man with Pearl Earring
This visual novel is very very interesting *wink* It's made from the one and only Koyonplete, who makes great visual novel/otome games. Now I just started reading it and from the first few sentence, I knew I had to add it to my review. This is the first visual novel I read that is erotic. It's literally like reading a fan fiction. It surprised me because I thought it'll be mild content with just kissing. You are a art student who came across an older man looking for an art model

Sneak peak of what's it's going to be like.

I haven't completed it yet so I can't rate it. But so far so steamy.

Mote Mote
Well Mote Mote should sound familiar, I wrote a story version for it. It was my first Otome game I played. The story plot is around the heroine (you), who has to choose between three guys who like her. There’s the class captain, the childhood friend and a transfer student.
The animation is alright and the translation has improved a bit. What I don’t like is that I have to play the game over again to see the other routes and it does tend to get a bit boring. It takes maybe around 30 minutes to read through and there are very few choice selection. You need internet connection to play Mote Mote. Of course my favourite is Syo. He is mysterious and has an interesting personality. If someone like him appear in my life, Ohhhh runaway baby.

Pure Love
Pure Love is about a heroine (you) who just entered into a modeling agency, where she meets the famous boy band called Pure Love. You get to choose which character to start with and once you finished the route, you get to choose another. Each route is different with different lines except the prologue. It took me weeks to finish one route because you get only 5 hearts per day and once you use it all up, you have to wait 24 hours to continue or you can pay money. I’m cheap, so I waited. I only ended up playing one route and a half because the game took a while to load and I got bored of the story line. You also get very few choice selection. Even though I got bored, the characters were charming and interesting. You need internet connection to play.

Love Academy 
Love academy is about a heroine (you) who just started high school. There she meets guys with their own great talent. Each route is different depending on the guy you choose. The story is very interesting and it gets you hooked. You get 20 koyon per day and once you use it up, you have to wait for 24 hours or just buy more to continue. The animation of the characters are so cute and handsome. I started with Haku because Dammnnnn he looks fine haha. My fave is Takumi. I just love him because he is self-less and cares so much for the heroine. His story nearly made me cry.

Love Academy (Yaoi)
Hello girls, this is probably a treat if you’re into boys love or yaoi. It’s from the same company that made Love Academy. You’re still the heroine of the story but you’re not really important in it. It’s about Jun, who is Takumi’ s younger brother (If you play the first game then you will know that Takumi is the heroine’s childhood friend), who just came to Japan and about to start high school. Yes the Yaoi is around him. I was expected it to be full on butt sex but it’s just kisses and hugs. Oh well...It’s still super cute! The concept is just like L.A, you get 20 Koyon per day. I liked the first route I played. I’ve only played one route because I’m busy and all.

Forbidden Love (unforgivable couple)
The story line is very interesting. After the heroine (you)’s mother gets remarry to a millionaire. The heroine started to live in the mansion where she meets her step-brother (mike). I love the whole forbidden theme here and I especially love the love triangle. There’s two ending where you decide to be with mike or the heroine’s friend. This first story took me about nearly a month to finish because you get 5 tickets per day. It’s quite annoying at how much quick you can use up the ticket then wait for 24 hours to get 5 tickets again or you can just buy more tickets. I love how suspense it is and the whole drama involved. . I also don’t like the dialogue of them heroine, it’s mostly “thats...” “what?” or whatever it was. She’s so speechless and stupid. Well that's like the first story, she improves later on. Since I started with Mike and he has 8 stories, I'm so attached to him like I can't enjoy the other routes especially Johannes. 
The animation for the guys are quite handsome I have to agree.  Overall, I love the drama and forbidden theme. It's frustrating how I have to wait everyday! The story is so good, I can't wait!!!

 I have been meaning to do this ASAP but got lazy. So the game has added more guys and stories to play. 
-Mike Jones (8 stories)
-Johannes (3 stories)
-Tom Nicholson (That older man that wanted to marry you at the very beginning of mike's story)
-Ryan Mchenry (The flower shop manager)
-Matthew Smith (Another older brother)
 -Robert Phillip (Butler)
-William Taylor (business man)
-Jack Taylor (doctor and William older brother)


Witch Spell
I really enjoyed reading/ playing Witch Spell because it's relaxing and fun to play. The story revolves around Akari, a girl who has a crush on her senpai named Jun (Senpai notice me!!! LOL). Her friend, Hisato tells her some  fake spells to do to make Jun fall in love with her. The animation and music is really cute! It’s a quick game to finish, it takes about 20-30 minutes to finish. It’s completely free, no internet needed to play. There’s two ending and it’s easy to play. Here’s a tip, the choice selection where Jun asks Akari “Do you have a boyfriend?” depending on what you pick that’s how it’s going to end.

Days of Divine
Just recently played this last night and I just love it. I finished the first route and now onto my second. It’s about a shrine maiden named Biyu. There’s been a strange mist going around the village and it is believed that the God Senri is not pleased. There are 3 routes in the game and , I have to start all over just to see the different routes. Each route ends with a different guy, who are all quite charming and cute. The story is very interesting along with the characters and great music. The company needs to make more Otome games like this because I just love it. It’s completely free and no need for internet connection. My favourite character is Senri because bad boy hottie.

Nice Day
This is a very short visual novel. It took me 10 minutes to finish. It’s about a boy name Davis who meets this girl name Rachel on the bus. I was reading the reviews before I downloaded and most of them were about how sad the ending was which bought a tear to their eyes. Um I don’t think so. I didn’t think it’ll be this short. Yes it is sad but not that sad. I was expecting someone to die or something. The story is nice and simple to read if you want to sit back and relax. I'm not a big fan of a single screen where the words are all over the place but you can think of it as a book.

Sleepless Night
Haru and you are doing some homework then all of a sudden there's a blackout. You go to sleep but then wake up and don't see Haru anywhere and you are locked in your room.
I was really hesitated to  download sleepless night because it was horror but when I did, it was actually pretty good. I was bracing myself for scary parts and made the volume low. There were 10 endings and 9 of them ended where I died. I got really frustrated. I had to use a walk through cheat just to get the true ending. It was an interesting visual novel with great suspense.


Moonlight walk
Moonlight walk is about a guy who was taking pictures of the moon on the beach and he met this girl. 
This was a very cute visual novel. It was sad at the same time. It was so interesting, each of the three endings. Even though it was a quick visual novel, I actually loved it.  I was scared when the girl appeared out of no where but then it made sense. I won't spoil it, you have to play it. lol eff that shit I'll spoil it. Mary is a ghost that appears every full moon. Depending on what you chose, you can either not see her again, help her rest in peace or be with her until you die.


Nanolife is about a boy who was playing a online game on a rainy day. The game was pretty short and when I first played, I thought it'll be like an adventure visual novel. Well it is but it was too short! I was pretty disappointed how it ending so soon. But it's from the creator as Days of Divene, so the animation/ music is great.


This is where I want to die
This visual novel is a sad/tragedy where the main character is dying and is recollecting the moments that happen before they die. This is so amazing how I got mind fucked at the end. It's not cliche as other visual novel so go play it! The ending will make you go "oh now it makes sense." or "what?" It's just shadow figures but it's smart how they did it, so at the end it's a surprise.


Reaching out
Rody reaches out to Cecile, and changes as he gets to know more about her. The moral of the visual novel is to stop bullying and get to know the person first. It's a pretty cute story and the characters are lovable, especially Cecile because you sort of feel sorry for her because she gets bullied. Rody is kinda hot, like bad boy helping girl is cute.


The Vestibule
Well this is about Gale who took this train ride to meet someone special. On the train he talks to two people. No one has the time and they all seem to have problems. This visual novel is such a loop. The first time I finished, I really didn't like it, so I tried to play again but then I couldn't finish because it was a loop. I just couldn't finish it. Tried all the options and still stuck. The only reason is because the red head girl, I didn't want her to get involved because what a slut. The first ending was me and her, ( I'm going to guess she was dtf) and I oppose because Gale was suppose to propose to his special one.


a2 due
When Sona's dad passed away, he gave her his orchestra. She then meets a man name Hao, who doesn't speak english. Hao is determined to get the orchestra into the best while all Sona wants to do is slack off.  I love this visual novel. Great story plot and music. I can tell a lot of work was place into creating this visual novel. It's just lovely. I'm obsessed with "we are legend' by Gerald Ko. It's such a lovely song. A2  also teaches you a bit of Chinese as there is a glossary once you completed all three endings. Isn't that cool? It's educational. Once you finish the three endings, you can re play it to see the translation for what Hao's been saying and it makes so much sense. Wish there was a bit more romance. 


Love blossom extended
Love Blossom extended focusses on a love triangle between a girl and her two friends(Yuji and Shinichi.) But who will Miyuu pick? I thought it was kind of cliche on the love triangle between friends. This otome game challenged me in a way because I was stuck on the bad endings so I had to read walk throughs. I actually don't like the character drawing because....well you tried. Anyways it's one of those cliche story where someone confesses and you suddenly like them? um ok
quick update : I unlocked a new character! It's the teacher like ahhhhh fangirling because it's my fantasy. Things got more interesting with the teacher like OMG too cute. I love how the teacher's name is  Daisuke Tanaka! I kept thinking about my favourite seiyu Daisuke Ono! XD
Anyways, this game has 8 endings or something.


School Festival
From the same company as Love Blossom Extended, School festival revolves around Nitta Miyuki. The setting is around the school festival and Miyuki's love life. To be honest this game frustrates me the first time I played. I needed to read the walk through. What I hate is the calendar. Why is that relevant? If I chose the wrong place to go, then it becomes a bad ending. Sometimes there are loops and I can't even. I hate how I have to start over again to see the other endings like it takes me 1 hour or so to get through. Besides from those negatives, what I like is the plot. Last night, I was trying to get to Senpai's route but damn Kidou cockblocks like a pro. Oh I fangirled at one scene where Miyuki was half asleep and (I'm going to assume that the teacher is the same in Love Blossom Extended), she was like " Is this the true ending?" lol the True ending for Tanaka sensei. Anyway, I'm going off track. To be honest I don't hate the game because it's quite cute and all.
update: Finally finish all the guys ending plus extras. wow did I get so frustrated because of the wrong route and having to restart, which is a pain in the ass because it gets boring reading the same thing over.

Broken hearted
The story revolves around 9/11 and the tragedy of losing love ones and friends. The story focuses on Nat as he struggles with the loss of his girlfriend, Heather. We see Nat's flashback of his elementary life where he first meets Heather.  Quite a sad visual novel as it was a real eye opener. I was hoping deep down that Heather would make it alive but she didn't. It's quite sad because the 9/11 anniversary was recent and I didn't realise the pain of losing someone close. The story was quite sad because Nat was going to propose to Heather on 9/11 but didn't expect the accident to happen.  I actually like the music, it was quite up beat I guess. I got a horrid feeling after finishing it to be honest.

This was the only picture I could find.

So that’s it for now. Also if you’re wondering, yes I did try out those voltage, inc Shall we date Otome games. Don’t be fool, it’s not completely free. It’s only the prologue that’s free. 
Also there are some I tried, (not going to name them) which are literally so boring I could not finish them. I don't want to give a bad review so I'm not going to add. There was one that I tried and there was a bug and it was lagging. So annoying.

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