Friday, 5 July 2013

Oh la la couple

So I just recently finished watching this korean drama called 'Oh la la couple'. I just have to share it!

Okay so firstly, I was watching Innocent man and there was an ad of oh la la couple. It looked funny and interesting and plus I know two of the actor.

This drama made me cry and laugh. Like seriously what is that all about? One minute I'm laughing out laugh than crying about how sad it is.

The plot is generally around this couple (Na Yeo Ok & Go Soo Nam), who are getting a divorce because Soo Nam (the husband) is a massive bitch who treats his wife like a slave while also having an affair. After they got a divorce, their souls swap. During this time, they begin to understand and learn about things they didn't know about each other.

The actress is excellent because the way she portrayed the character, we could see and feel the pain she is going through. I cried when she cried about founding out about the affair. It gave  me chills! I felt so sorry for her.

I literally fangirled when Han Jae Suk who plays as Jang Hyun Woo appears. Yea I know he's like 40 but whatever! He's still handsome for his age! I loved him in Glass Slipper. Now apparently everyone was disappoited at the end because Yeo Ok and Hyun woo didn't end up together even though it's the cutest couple ever! Everyone needs to relax. Soo Nam really changed half way through the drama. He now cares more for his ex wife and dumped his mistress ( who was annoying as fuck). I felt sorry for him tbh. He tried his best to win back his wife. I did go for Hyun woo because his so cute!!!!!!!

Ok lets talk more about Hyun Woo. His character is so lovable and rare in a guy. He was Yeo Ok first love since they were kids. He got cancer and had to leave her, lying about not loving her anymore. After 12 years, he survived the cancer. He's still unmarried bacause he's still in love with Yeo Ok. That's cute! I love his loyalty.  I love men who won't love another woman and stay loyal. In the end, you could probably blame the son because he told Hyun Woo that his parents are still in love with each other, so that made Hyun woo break up with Yeo Ok. He's so un-selfish.  Let me also point out that the actor also didn't get the girl in Glass Slipper lol.

But hey Shin Hyun-Joon who plays the husband is one of the actor I've watched in other dramas. This is my third drama I've watched where he's in it. First it was Stair way to heaven then Cain and Abel. He's such a great actor. I swear he doesn't age or something.

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