Friday, 2 August 2013


Last night I had this really weird dream. Even though it's weird, it was interesting.

I was at Woolworths and me and my brother started hitting each other and people were yelling at my brother for hitting me. I was telling everyone that it was alright but they were still angry. My dad took out his phone and took a picture of me. It was an app called Treenary were you can see you're future. It was new and people didn't really trust it. I can't remember what happpened afterwards but then this girl came up to me screaming, "she died". She showed me her phone and it was a picture of a bloody scene. My dad took out his phone and looked at the app again. He said that I might die next since there was a bloody scene too. I told him it was impossible because I though it ws my brother that might have killed me when we were fighting in the store. Then some shitz happen I can't remember. I was running away from my dad and brother for some reason.

Yea weird ass dream. Too much snap chat for me.

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