Monday, 7 October 2013

Koi Kaze

Let’s just say that I’ve just finished watching my first incest anime. I honestly don’t know what came over me to watch it but to be honest I’m glad I watched it. I’m the type of person who loves forbidden love because it’s not really cliche or predictable and it gives an exciting feel to it. How did I even find this? well I was searching for a sad anime to watch and because this had a short title. While I’m at that, can I point out how some people have really pussy feelings. I mean I’ve watched most of the sad animes and know which is really sad and meh. Koi Kaze is not that sad, it’s cute. 

So anyway what is Koi Kaze about? It’s a bout a 27 year old BIG man, named Koshiro, who meets this 15 year old girl, named Nanoka. They weren’t aware that in fact they were siblings because their parents got divorce and custody crap. They run into their father and were very shock that they were siblings. So throughout the anime, we see Koshiro struggling his feelings for his sister ever since they first met. Because Nanoka is at that age of liking boys, she falls in love with her brother. 

I find this anime cute. I mean just ignore the sibling part and look at the awkwardness. I’m bursting with feels! I know its wrong and all but I ship them so hard together. I first thought that Koshiro was going to be a handsome guy but woah my expectation was wrong. I wasn’t sure if he was fat or big boned. But damn he was tall and big, like a bear lol. I love the age gap. I just love it ok. I thought it was cute.

This is just a really cute anime, I cannot express it into words. At the beginning of the series, he was a type of person who didn’t give a shit about no one then at the end, it’s heart warming. He was too shy to say he loves Nanoka so as she walks home, he says it. The quote of the anime was “ have you ever loved someone with all your heart?” The answer is a tick, he loves his sister with all his heart and having her by his side is all he needs. 

This was also the first anime I saw of a guy masturbating like wtf, I thought he was crying because tissue and what not. So I was debating whether he was crying or fapping. Well he fapped -.- And that was after sniffing Nanoka’s bra. He was feeling really guilty afterwards so all goods. I like the conflicting feeling he has, because he knows he is wrong and unsure of what to do. lol

I applaud to the creator of Koi Kaze, I don’t know how you did it, but I love how you made it and it didn’t put me off. It could have went wrong and made people hate it but good job, it turn out right and I love it. I would have love a bit more hugging but it’s alright. You know what they all say, better love story than twilight and it’s true. I’m smiling throughout the entire series because it was so cute. haha I think the word cute is overused but that’s the only word I could describe it. Yeah people will think it’s gross but your missing the point. It’s about the struggle within society because it’s consider taboo, worst then being a homosexual. I really don't care if it's incest because I just love forbidden love.

Well I see why someone would considered Koi Kaze sad, it's because the couple know that they could never really be together and that their relationship will never be accepted. The struggle with their feelings is heartbreaking and you kind of feel sorry for them, especially in the final episode, where Nanoka suggested if they'll commit lover's suicide. Koshiro started crying because he really doesn't know what to do since he loves her. Um what else....well I guess the part where Koshiro couldn't face his dad so he apologised in front of the house. Obviously incest will have a big impact to the parents but in the end they never knew. It was kinda the parents fault in the first place. Like seriously, you keep your children separated for years to the point they don't know what each other looks like. If they grew up together this wouldn't happen. 

In the end, Nanako and Koshiro carved their names onto the tree which will be chopped down soon. I guess this is a symbolism that their love wouldn't last since the tree will be gone. That's kinda sad in a way. 

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