Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New year and failed resolution

Hello everyone! Currently writing a sad short story and listening to the band 1975. So it's 2014. I really hate starting a whole new year again because it's like repeating my life and starting school again. I ain't got time for a whole year of school. Well it's my last but still. Wow I can't believe I'll be graduating this year. Last night I slept at 1am which is the earliest time I slept in ages. I didn't celebrate New year eve. I just stayed on Tumblr for the whole day. Feel like a waste but that's my boring life.
So anyways, I remembered I had a new year resolution for 2013. I wonder why people decide to change at the beginning of the year hmmm.

That's my list I wrote nearly a year ago.

Sadly I the only thing I accomplished on the list was get a new phone. Quite sad. It's a good list but I made no effort to complete them. Soooo I'm going to do a new list hahah. Doubt I'll do them but hey worth a shot.

-Buy a sewing machine (so determined)
-Get 80+ atar
-Get into the Uni I want
-Get a boyfriend
-Become tumblr famous
-Get my life together
-Stand up for myself and friends
-talk more
-be more nice

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