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Lady Wu The first Empress

Growing up, I've always watched Chinese dramas with my mum. For so long, I've always been remembering this one ancient Chinese drama that I absolutely love but had no idea what the title was. I searched on youtube and came across it, which made my life. Lady Wu the first Empress. I told my mum and we searched like everywhere for it because I absolutely want it. Thank God someone had it. It wasn't easy because it's old (2004) so therefore this is a rare series today. I doubt many people know about this drama.
I swear this drama is the reason for my crazy love scenarios.
So anyways, I spent 3 days watching it. As soon as I finished, I needed to write about it. Read what I'm about to say and maybe you want to watch it too. Well spoilers helps right?

First of all let me tell you what it's about.  It's actually based on the a factual history with a little mix of romance and fiction. Lady Wu was the only woman ever to rule China. But the story is about the love between her and General Li Junxian. In the drama her name is Wu Meiniang. One day the emperor wanted her to be his concubine thanks to a painting the prince did of her. The prince is so madly horny in love with her because of her beauty. Meiniang was not interested because she has fallen in love with the extremely cool and handsome Li Junxian. Well she has no choice but to be the emperor's Concubine in order to get revenge for her dad because one of the emperor's servant (whatever the hell he is)  stabbed her dad. And a whole lot of bullshit happens. That's the summary of the beginning.

The only thing I utterly cared about is the romance between her and Li Junxian. I ship them together so hard! I love them so much I want them to get married and have babies. Of course knowing dramas, that'll never happen duh. Throughout the series there are numbers of well....MUDDA EFFING COCKBLOCKS. She cannot escape them. Poor girl. 

Let's talk about the characters individually shall we?

Wu Meiniang (Alyssa Chia)

Strong independent girl. I actually don't hate her and that's a rare thing for me because I most of the time I can't stand leading girl characters in anything. The only reason I like Meiniang is because I guess her personality works somehow. She cares deeply for the people close to her and has a sense of justice. As I said, I ship her with Li Junxian. They work so well together as a couple. It's feels natural. She's damsel in distress and he's knight in shining armour. Seriously, she's always in danger. She's a really strong person. In the end, everyone she cared about died yet she is still going on even though she is probably suffering inside. Historically speaking, Empress Wu was a woman hitler aka a bitch but in the drama she was seen as a kind hearted person.  I felt sorry for her because in the end everyone she ever loved died, leaving her all alone. I'm just mad she didn't have sex with with Li Junxian. 

Li Junxian (Vincent Zhao)

*Drool* his eyebrows are so perfect to stare at. He is my favourite character overall. I adore him so much. He is so cool when he fights. He is so manly. He is such a gentleman. He is so handsome. He is so protective. asdfghjkl my dream man.
His hair wasn't originally white, he just did those chinese energy thingy to save Meiniang because she was dying from a gentle bump on the head (logic). I find that rather romantic that he is willing to do anything to save her. So every time she's in danger I get super excited because I know that he'll come  and save her. I personally think he looks better with white hair. It makes his eyebrows stand out more LOL. He is such a strong person. One episode he carried two large boulders and break out of being tied up. Oh and that body ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).I love how he deeply cares for Meiniang ugh so cute and romantic. I can see why she loves him. Even though I love him, I also hate him for killing himself. I really don't understand why he did it but it really broke my heart. He could have became Emperor and be with Meiniang and live happily ever after :(

Prince/Emperor Li Zhi (Bao Jian Feng)

Meet cock block number 1. I really hate him like no tomorrow. He really thinks with his dick. Far out, he is always horny or something. Men like him makes me sick. At first he's all obsessed with Meiniang, like so obsessed that he'll die if he doesn't see her. FML he's the biggest cock block ever. Just when Meiniang was about to start a life with Li Junxian, he throws them in the dungeon. Jealous much? Meiniang has no choice but become his concubine so Li Junxian would be free. I swear he's lucky his father died so he could have her. What pisses me off is that I can totally see that he's getting bored of her. Another thing that pisses me off is that he actually has the guts to claim Li Junxian ruining his relationship with her. Errr...No hun you're the one that's cock blocking. I wouldn't hate him so much if he didn't have sex with Meiniang's "best friend"and stopped being obsessed with her. It was cute when he was obsessed with her, I was so close to shipping them. He is really a dumb emperor. Everything out his mouth is a lie. He thinks about pussy more than keeping order to the kingdom. Overall, glad he died of illness or whatever it was. GRR because of him there wasn't enough romance time for Meiniang and Li Junxian to satisfy me. Hmm I guess you can feel sorry for him because Meiniang never loved him and he accepts that and still kinda loves her.

Ying Ying (Yang Tong Shu)

Award for the biggest bitch goes to her. I hate her more than I hate the stupid emperor. I had a feeling I hated her but couldn't remember why until I watched it. Every screen time with her is an eye sore. UGH I wanted to punch my laptop so bad. I would love to grab her face and slowly peel her flesh off. Ripping that facade off. Absolutely cannot stand this bitch.  Why? Because she's willing to murder to get things go her ways. At first we all think she's innocent until we see her true self. The dick hungry whore. She's literally ruining Meiniang's life. First she killed her mother than her baby than their best friend. I was waiting for karma to happen for me to be satisfied. Seriously no man is worth all that trouble even if he's the emperor. Chicks before dicks. Nope. She'll even back stab Meiniang, who she claims to be like a sister to her.  Not once but multiple times she tries to get rid of Meiniang. Sorry to break it to you hunny,the emperor only loves your pussy. Nothing more. At the end when Meiniang finds out about all this back stabbing, all she did was offer poison drinks. Bitch describes why she did what she did and Meiniang talks about how she wishes they could go back in time to where they played as kids and live a normal commoner's life, never entering the kingdom. I was a tad mad when Meiniang said she doesn't regret being "sisters"with her. Well it's good in a way because bitch will die feeling shit about her self. Thank God she died in the end. I would have love some head slicing but oh wells.

There's more characters but those are the main you really need to know.
Ok here's the end of the post. I honestly don't know how to feel anymore. I'm not sure I love it or hate. I just love scenes where Meiniang and Li Junxian are together because it's so romantic. The amount of yelling at the screen *sighs* I do hope no one heard me. I guess I will always love this drama. For the romance that is. I really hoped and wished that Li Junxian didn't die. I really adore him so badly. So ridicules how he had to die. It wasn't necessary. The ending was just ridicules. A doppelganger of Li Junxian. UMMM it's not going to work like that because Meiniang is now a empress and a old grandma. Sighs so sad.

Look how cute they are!

That eyebrow game ;)

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