Friday, 24 January 2014

Miracle healers drama

Relating back to my last post about Lady Wu the last empress, I was so unsatisfied with the ending that I searched up Alyssa Chia and Vincent Zhao. To my amaze, they did another drama series together! I was so overwhelm. The best thing is, they were a couple with a happy ending :D I felt so emotional to know this. I spent 4 days watching it and its so worth my lack of sleep. I love them so much! Cute couple all the way. I just kept thinking this is probs Meiniang & Junxian recarnation but the timeline didn't match so past life? :/ Ah who cares, at least there was a good ending and the cockblocks were minor.

I absolutely love this drama. It was something good to watch because it was comedy and I was still upset about the previous drama. Can you believe it? Comedy. Alyssa Chia and Vincent Zhao acting funny. What I love so much is how Liu Xian (Vincent Zhao) shows his feelings more compare to Junxian. Ah too cute. I can totally feel  the love.

See? he's kissing her and she got all embarrassed. Lol it looks like he's sucking her face That's something Junxian would'nt do. 

 Too cute! I love this pic
My OTP. I wish they got married in real life!!!!! 

I found out that while filming this, Vincent Zhao already had a girlfriend at the time (now wife). What's awkward was that she was in Miracle healers acting as his sister. Aww that sucks. I ship Vincent and Alyssa so much.

You know what sucks? They deleted the kissing scene like whhyyyyy??? It's so cute and passionate.

oh wells. At least the ending was happy. They got married and have kids.

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