Saturday, 22 March 2014

day 22-28 happiness

Yes a week delay. I've been unwell...nah actually quite lazy. I really don't remember in detail what I did during the week.

Day 22 (sunday 16th)
I remember stressing about religion exam for tuesday plus I wasted most of the day sleeping it off.

Day 23 (monday 17th)
Completely blanking out right now. Err what did I do on Monday...hmm...

Day 24 (tuesday 18th)
I had a running nose and feeling a bit sick. Did religion exam but forgot what to write about... :(

Day 25 (wednesday 19th)
Did d-tech exam. Went home early and felt so relaxed. Watched The suicide room and damn I felt so crap after finishing it but I'll elaborate about it in another time.

Day 26 (thursday 20th)
Bought a hot glue gun and made a wand lol

Day 27 (friday 21st)
Found a great book called 'girl saves boy' by Steph Bowe

Day 28 (saturday 22nd)
Yum cha for breakfast

Friday, 14 March 2014

day 20 happiness + retreat

Today I had my year 12 retreat which was supposed to be like an inspirational talk about growing up. I had a great day. The place was beautiful. It was near a beach and the sand was so clean. It's a great place to relax. The only embarrassing thing was confessing something about me and I said I wanted to be a witch. Yea I told them not to judge me but oh wells I knew they would.

I also  felt a lot closer to Jesus than I ever was. I was questioning whether Jesus was real and who I am talking to when I pray.

Let me start off with the booklet that made me slowly accept Jesus.
The theme of the retreat was 'Road trip' in other words it means journey. The journey in the right path in life. 

This letter from "Jesus" was touching. It reached to me. "I'm always there to help but I'm waiting for you to say the word" I started to pray asking Jesus for help.  "Just open your heart and invite Me in"

My letter to Jesus. Okay if you can't read my writing I shall re-write it.

Sometimes when I pray, I feel like there's no one there and I question who am I talking to? I know that with these questions I become more distant because there's no answer. Then I re-think about my life and try to find answers. What if the good things in my life are thanks to you? what if you're my guardian angel? I know you have patience and will forgive when I leave and doubt  you. Just like with Judas, you forgave him. I will slowly find my way. 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

day 19 happiness

Got a cute outfit and quality time with pets

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

day 18 happiness

Delicious Veggie burger

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

day 17 happiness

Feeling excited for the future. Romanticising University life. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

day 16 happiness

No longer frustrated at my friends

Saturday, 8 March 2014

day 14 of happiness

Bought a black maxi skirt, new mascara, liquid eyeliner, lip balm. Had fun shopping with a friend. Went for a car ride around the city with parents. Looked out the window and saw how beautiful the city is and reminded me of my childhood. Overall had a lovely day.

Friday, 7 March 2014

day 13 happiness

I managed through the day because all I need to do is relax

Thursday, 6 March 2014

day 12 happiness

Got a good grade for an assignment I finished at 4am. Saw the sunset which was beautiful with the colours. Bought a new bag.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

day 10 happiness

Got a very good mark for my textile assignment. Had a lovely dentist to do my teeth. Feeling blessed today.

Monday, 3 March 2014

What's on my mind

It's currently 3am and I know I said I wanted to start sleeping earlier but I took a nap which turned into a 5 hour sleep so now I can't sleep. Went house hunting after school. The house was shit but at least Bobby could stay with me.
You know how it's late and it's the time where I reflect on life, I read my old post from 2011-2012. Wow i'm interesting. I had something to write nearly everyday. Anyways, as I was reading, my old self talked about how boring life was and I currently agree. I want to go on an adventure. I want to live in Spirited away world. I just want something exciting to happen. Go on a mission, whatever it is I just want some excitement. Life shouldn't be tiring and stressing, it should be fun. Well enough of that. Sadly we live in a world of reality.

As I was going through my blog (ugh embarrassed at me grammar) I came upon the post I made about my childhood friend Maria. Well she wasn't the only best friend I had. There was Anastasia. I love the story of how we became friends. Just like Maria, we didn't get along at first. It was hate at first sight. They both gang up on me, I can't remember why but I remember being super bitchy to them. Somehow we became friends like WTF. It's been 10 years now since I last saw them.
Around late last year, I went on facebook and saw a friend request. Checked it and stared for a while. HOLY SHIZZLE it was Anastasia. AHH. I was over the moon that she still remembers me. We chatted and caught up with life. Wow she's still the nice girl I remember.
As for Maria, I checked her on facebook and lets just say, I may be a bit jelly she got pretty. I'm a stubborn lil shit so I'm not adding her first. This just makes me realise how much we change.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

day 9 happiness

Getting my maths teacher to help me with a long question and making Pimples wait all lesson in frustration. Mwhaha
Hello! Yes I finally changed the layout of my blog and I love it so much. If you noticed, each day I have posted 'Day x happiness' and I figured this is an excellent way to remind myself to smile each day thinking about what made me happy. I promised two year ago that I would write down what made me happy and put it in a jar. I think writing on my blog is better because my blog is like a diary for me.
It was part of my new year resolution to get my life together. Last year I was always negative, sad and hated the world. So far it's little things that made me happy and smile. I'm doing good on my new years resolution list.
I have finally done it. I GOT MY FIRST SEWING MACHINE!
I call it Bobbin. 

I had no choice but to join membership at Spotlight so I could get a discount. Bobbin is so cute <3 I always wanted one so I could make my cosplay outfits.

Another thing on the list is Tumblr famous. But famous I mean my goal of reaching over 1000 followers.

Getting my life in order :) Next goal is to do good in school to get into the University I want to do game design. I've been waking up and going to school earlier to get extra study since morning means your brain is fresh. Been drinking plenty of water because water is good for you. 
I'm quite proud of myself.

Day 8 happiness

  Playing Forbidden Love. The story makes me smile :D

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Transparent Sexy Pink Heart