Saturday, 22 March 2014

day 22-28 happiness

Yes a week delay. I've been unwell...nah actually quite lazy. I really don't remember in detail what I did during the week.

Day 22 (sunday 16th)
I remember stressing about religion exam for tuesday plus I wasted most of the day sleeping it off.

Day 23 (monday 17th)
Completely blanking out right now. Err what did I do on Monday...hmm...

Day 24 (tuesday 18th)
I had a running nose and feeling a bit sick. Did religion exam but forgot what to write about... :(

Day 25 (wednesday 19th)
Did d-tech exam. Went home early and felt so relaxed. Watched The suicide room and damn I felt so crap after finishing it but I'll elaborate about it in another time.

Day 26 (thursday 20th)
Bought a hot glue gun and made a wand lol

Day 27 (friday 21st)
Found a great book called 'girl saves boy' by Steph Bowe

Day 28 (saturday 22nd)
Yum cha for breakfast

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