Monday, 3 March 2014

What's on my mind

It's currently 3am and I know I said I wanted to start sleeping earlier but I took a nap which turned into a 5 hour sleep so now I can't sleep. Went house hunting after school. The house was shit but at least Bobby could stay with me.
You know how it's late and it's the time where I reflect on life, I read my old post from 2011-2012. Wow i'm interesting. I had something to write nearly everyday. Anyways, as I was reading, my old self talked about how boring life was and I currently agree. I want to go on an adventure. I want to live in Spirited away world. I just want something exciting to happen. Go on a mission, whatever it is I just want some excitement. Life shouldn't be tiring and stressing, it should be fun. Well enough of that. Sadly we live in a world of reality.

As I was going through my blog (ugh embarrassed at me grammar) I came upon the post I made about my childhood friend Maria. Well she wasn't the only best friend I had. There was Anastasia. I love the story of how we became friends. Just like Maria, we didn't get along at first. It was hate at first sight. They both gang up on me, I can't remember why but I remember being super bitchy to them. Somehow we became friends like WTF. It's been 10 years now since I last saw them.
Around late last year, I went on facebook and saw a friend request. Checked it and stared for a while. HOLY SHIZZLE it was Anastasia. AHH. I was over the moon that she still remembers me. We chatted and caught up with life. Wow she's still the nice girl I remember.
As for Maria, I checked her on facebook and lets just say, I may be a bit jelly she got pretty. I'm a stubborn lil shit so I'm not adding her first. This just makes me realise how much we change.

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