Thursday, 3 April 2014

Girl saves Boy by Steph Bowe

Yes whenever I finish a book I just have to talk about it. Proves how much I read. When it comes to reading, I'm really fussy.The first two sentence is important as it's what makes me want to read it. If I like the first two sentence, I can either finish the book within 2-3 days or .... 3 months.
The title itself attracted me to it. 'Girl saves Boy'. Already, you can visualize what it'll be about. I read the prologue and I knew at the moment I had to finish reading it. I read a bit about the  author, Steph Bowe and she published it when she was 16! damn I couldn't do shit and I'm 16.

Anyways, let talk about what the novel is about. 'Girl saves boy' you can get the idea where it's going. Jewel Valentine saves Sacha Thomas from drowning at a Lake. Then BOOM, their lives change once they met each other. The novel goes through the lives of mainly the two teenager. I love how it's written. Each chapter is based on the first person of  Jewel or Sacha so it makes sense to the reader what is going on and how their lives intertwine with each other.

I'm not so into teenage drama, but Girl saves boy deals with a more mature theme of death and dealing with it. I am very very jealous of the Jewel because she is described to have heterochromia, which means she has different eye colours. Seriously, the way her eyes were described, was so good.

In terms of romance....I felt it was rushed but who cares about that, what book has love that wasn't so rushed.

The ending was arrggghh. I hate using my imagination because I want to know straight up what happened.  Did Sacha die or what? There's so many questions left unanswered. Some hints would be nice. There are some unsolved conflict that I would like to be solved. I felt so unfulfilled when I finished reading.

Why is this book so underrated? There are some spelling mistakes. I reckon if the ending was a bit longer and there's hints about what's going to happen so then my imagination can then do it's job. I would really love it if Jewel and her father would solve their issue.

Overall, I did enjoy it except the ending. Personally, I don't like the idea of Sacha being a few months younger then Jewel. I just had to accept it or ignore the fact.
I rate Girl saves boy....

I really love this quote in the book

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