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This is the stressing part of being a teenager- deciding on what to do after high school. My marks are not up to the standard I thought I would be at so I'm freaking out. I'm freaking out because I'm afraid of being labelled as dumb for the rest of my life if I don't do well and I'm afraid of getting compared as the less smarter one. I don't like losing and knowing someone else is better than me.

Here I am, so determine to get into Uni. I will not accept the idea of going to Tafe or college or taking an gap year. I don't have much interest or goals so I deciding on whether to be some sort of designer or nurse. They are the only two choice because they are achievable marks I can get. Yes I know, I should try hard and get the marks so I could do my dream job. No matter how hard I try I just can't do it. 
The thing about high school is that it slowly reveals the truth of life. For example: Before high school I was so determined to be a fashion designer but then after doing textiles since year 9, I realised I didn't like it and that it was so stressing the whole thing about designing and keeping up with trends...sighs

A few days later....

Yes I started this post on Thursday and it's currently Saturday. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! 
Ever since I began blogging and wrote every year how my birthday was, I realise what a little brat I was. I get all moody and upset that I don't get much presents and have a party or whatever. This year I was prepared for what was going to happen and ready to accept the fact that not much was going to happen. "Don't expect too much and you'll receive a lot. Expect a lot and you'll get less" Just made that up on the spot. If you expect you'll get a lot of things and in reality you don't get as much as you wanted then you'll be disappointed. If you don't expect anything and receive something, you'll be on top of the world. 
Yesterday, it was last day for the term and the day before my bday so my friends planned a mini party for me. I do feel like the queen *smirk*. Since it was last day of the term, MOST of my friends decided to take an early holiday. So it was only 4 plus me there. I would have preferred it that way because we all had so much fun. A small group is the best especially how it's easier to communicate to everyone and literally LOL. Best mini school lunch party because there was delicious chicken, which was home baked by my friend. She will be in a special part in my heart  for the YUUuuuMMMy chicken. It was pretty funny now that I think of it how I ate the chicken wing with a fork haha I'm so asian. She was like "Gurl that's not how you eat it and you even left a bit of meat on the bone" lol <3
I'm a cheap ass so I got plates, forks (lol), sour worms and those chewy lollies. Yas the chicken was good but the food that won my heart was.....
The spanish potato omelette 
It was incredible in my mouth. Super duper delicious 5/5 I ate so much I was full for the first time at school. I'm shit at making omelette so no chance of ever tasting them again without being an annoying beggar towards my friend for the rest of her life. Lol it's funny how it's the only food I took a picture of. 
Other then the yummy chicken and potato omelette, there was the cake which I didn't eat because I cant stand the texture of the cheap coles cake. Love the thought of the cake, I appreciate it but no thank you. Best day to be honest. It makes me grateful for the people in my life. 

Okay for today, I was expecting a boring day, just chilling at home, watching clips of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. My mum knocked on my door at 9, asking of I wanted to go buffet or Yumcha. I mumbled "I dont' want to go anywhere" and she didn't hear so I said buffet. I was real tired because I slept at 6am. I didn't really expect to go anywhere so I was pretty happy to go out and eat. The stomach can only take so much (see what I did there?). I ate 3 plates of food and I usually take 5 when I'm at a buffet.  Seriously? What? I can handle food but not today. My stomach was so full but no matter what, I still had dessert. I was pushing my luck basically. After the delicious meal, me and my bro went and bought Thor movie. AWESOME movie may I add. AHH Loki my love. You just can't hate him. Love the movie but I would much prefer it without the romance.
I wrote a post on tumblr "It's my birthday. Pls say happy birthday to me thx" Hehe got a whole lot of spam and one person calling me rude. I did say pls so what's the problem? lol. Tumblr got a heart sign on my bday <3 aww bae

Yep Overall, I would say it's a good day. "It's a good life, hazel grace." Yes I read and watched 'The Fault in our stars' and cried bucket loads. Seriously, I cried when Augustus told Hazel about the cancer and there was a lot of pages left. My eyes cannot contain the amount of tears. The movie was great. I went to the cinemas alone and 12 year old bitches kept laughing and talking and I'm there crying at the beginning and came out the cinema with wet sleeves and REALLY RED EYES.
I was suppose to end the post at overall it was good but that escalated.

Here's a Ofotd

I blinked at the flash but whateves. or you can say I'm asian :L
Ahh how I love end of financial year sale.
Coat- $20
boots- Mum got from india it's so really cheap 

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