Saturday, 28 June 2014

New found obsession with Phantom of the Opera

I have always had this love for Opera because they portray the story beautifully with music.  If I were to choose from going to the cinemas or to musical theatre, I'll make my future husband take me to the musical theatre to watch operas/musicals because tickets aren't cheap and I'm classy. Anyways, I was on youtube, listening to opera songs to help me sleep and Phantom of the Opera theme came up as a suggestion. I thought why not? The beat of the song and their voices was orgasmic. The video was cute as fuck. Pardon my language lol.  I'm so in love with the way he looks at her. I knew at that moment I had to watch it. Before that, I did a bit of research on P.O.T.O. The 2004 version is awesome because daaammmmmnnnn Gerard Butler's fine ass. I know that the phantom aka Erik is suppose to be corpse like appearance and what not but seriously I don't care since it's Gerard Butler, he can capture me into his lair anytime.
I just want to cry at how beautiful he is even though the phantom is suppose to be ugly. I had a dream of rubbing his abs *drool*

Phantom of the Opera contains most of the things I like. Older guy with younger girl, Yandere, possessive love, Opera/musical, mysterious guy, 1800's fashion, forbidden love and love triangle. I couldn't ask anything more than that...well maybe changing the ending into a happier ending where Erik is together with Christine even though there isn't really a future there but who cares what happens beyond the movie.
My favourite part because the way he sang it, I felt it. It was orgasm to the ear. 

I never ever cry for tragic love stories where couple can't be together but seriously I got teary. My heart broke at the end like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My heart is broken at his face when he knew he couldn't win Christine's heart

Seriously I got the chills. After all these years, he still loved her and asdfghjklasdfghjk. This is a powerful image okay? The ring she gave him at their final meeting, he gave back at her grave. A beautiful image that he is still alive, presumably in his 80's.  I love how he works hard for love because all his life he never had any but in the end he let her go because he understood the concept of love as putting their happiness before their own.

Because I am so obsessed, I watched the 25th anniversary musical production and it blew me away. IT WAS SO AWESOME AHHH. I thought the movie was good but the musical was even better. (Sorry Gerard...) It was passionate and the ending made me cry even more like wow. The costume was amazing. It had so much details on each outfit, just wow. The final lair scene was just AMAZINGGGGG! Just the detail of their acting and singing got through to me. Ramin Karimloo is freaking adorable. His voice is so strong and powerful yet so beautiful. I watched the whole thing 3 times!
Or shall I say, he's beautiful. ;)

Being obsessed and all, I checked out the past Phantoms. I of course checked out Michael Crawford. My first reaction was "What? he sounds weird" but then I thought about it and his voice is eerie just like how the phantom is suppose to be like. I listened to the other songs and started to like his voice. His acting for the final lair was sooooooooooo good. It was so emotional :') 
The other Phantoms I checked out was Hugh Panaro, John owen jones and norm lewis.
I know all the songs to the musical because all of them are awesome. 

I tell you how much I love P.O.T.O, I read the original novel (Raoul is such a childish prick), 1990 mini series (didn't feel comfortable watching it), and I stopped there, because I didn't want the other adaptions to ruin it for me just like the 1990 one. 

And that is all. Thanks to P.O.T.O I now enjoy watching musicals. I went and watched Les mis and Sweeney Todd. :)

Yea this post was suppose to be done since April lol.


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