Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My trip to Bundanoon Monastery

3 months ago, I was bored so I decided to tag along with my parents and grandma to go to Bundanoon monastery. It was an hour and a half trip and I managed to read half of The fault in our stars ( will blog about it soon). I really had no idea the purpose of the trip until I got there. Apparently I just attended my first funeral without realising it. I had no clue who died but I assume it was a friend of my grandma. Well I didn't really attend the funeral, it was more of exploring the monastery. Far out the long ass trip was worth it. The monastery was amazing. It was peaceful and the scenery was just wow!

 Yep, it was a very gloomy day.

 My favourite out of the whole place

 There was a lot of crap on the ground so I had to constantly keep an eye out.

 I don't know why but this reminds me of Japan.
This tree is rad.

My mum entered the men area....

 Yesh a perf shot of a spinning ball.

 The monastery is so peaceful, animals aren't afraid of human. I legit pat the cat and it didn't flinch or run away unlike my cat at home. Seriously my cat runs away from me at night???
 I love this sign.

 I just want to live here

I don't know what happened to the picture of my lunch but here is dessert. Yummers.

To conclude, I just want to live there. It's so peaceful and the air is so fresh.

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