Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Train wreck post

It's 4:30am and I just feel like blogging anything right now. Prepare yourself for one train wreck post. I'm feeling just a tad down right now. I've read too many Josei manga, it's hurting my soul. I probably have a fetish for good looking older men which I'm pretty sure people will look at me like WTF. I wonder how many manga, I've read so far which relates to age gap between two characters.... Hopefully I don't become Lana Del Rey, calling my man 'Daddy' UGH. Love her tho. The guy in her Shades of cool music video was pretty good looking. I bet he looked ravishing when he was younger. He reminded me of Jeremy Irons. This is a guess but I think she did that on purpose because of her love for Lolita which happens to star Jeremy Irons as Humbert.

So today, my auntie, who I haven't seen or spoken to in years, added me on facebook. I was very uncomfortable of course and I told my dad and he told me to ignore her. As a teenager in my rebel years, I accepted her request. I was thinking of the last time I met her and comparing myself to how I am today. I am proud to say I love who I am today compare to who I was. I used to be the shyest, quietest,  most clingy person ever. It's pretty much me today but 5x less. I think I'm more straight forward and independent today. I swear more and is more rude. So I think it'll be pretty interesting to meet her again and see her reaction. Actually not just her, the whole of my dad's side of the family. I would like to show them how much I changed and that I'm not the little ugly shy girl anymore. For the first time ever, thanks puberty. 
This kind of all started when I asked this girl on my facebook if she was my cousin. Sounds silly but yea...Next thing you know, my whole family is going to add me on facebook and I used to be so proud that I didn't have any family members as my friends on facebook. 

Let me just take my time to talk about how much I love Loki! Last week, my brother got Thor movie and I fell in love with Loki. Argh he's so adorable! but how???? I was pretty bummed out at the end but then I remember he lived in Avengers. So I proceeded to watch Thor 2 and I nearly died from his cuteness when Thor let Loki out. I couldn't handle it! My brother got really annoyed with me "This is why I hate fangirls" is what he said to me. And of course his tragic death really made my heart break. That ending tho!

I just finished reading 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn and Oh MY Gee it was the most intense book I ever read. Highly recommended. Great plot twist and just wow it's smart. I really love the character Amy and her twisted smart scary mind that I almost feel sorry for Nick. I can't wait for the movie to come out. Now all I want to do is read similar books. I tried out Gillian Flynn's debut novel 'Sharp objects' and I also super love it.

It just makes me realise that I'm into dark stuff. I enjoy reading/watching anything that relates to suicide, cutting, gore, abuse. I just like to feel sympathy and anger. I sat down and thought why do I like this? I'm curious on how people overcome these adversities. For instance, I have a love/hate relationship with anything to do with extra marital affair. Well only if the husband is the one cheating. I like to see how the wife deals with it. Does she leave him, plot revenge, stay with him etc. I like to see her plot a revenge because having an affair is the lowest thing ever and they need to be punished. 


This post was in draft for months wow. Got an announcement! I graduated High school 3 weeks ago! Feeling fantastic? nah. I'm scared for the exams. What's the point man. My career advisor told me to do what I like and we talked and she suggest I do costume designing. I really like the idea but $$ is not that good to survive. I'm going to stick to nursing. 

idk what else to say. Haven't posted anything since my birthday but I did update my 2 top post (top otome gamehot anime guys). Can I also add another thing about Gone girl. I'm beginning to like the idea of strong independent women.  I'm so irritated at the idea of weak minded female characters who like to be a pushover, something I wrote in the review for marriage contract. 

Probably a boring post to you but I enjoy writing it. Let's end it with this picture of my lips. Yep I tried the korean lip gradient thing...

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