Saturday, 20 December 2014

Multiple personality & Love is dying #thoughts

Super excited I got accepted into University!! Life is going my way now...hopefully.

I just feel like getting some things off my chest. I like to change my personality once in a while. My personality is collected from people who I encounter in my life. If I like someone's personality, it becomes part of me. Once in a while I like to be nice or a bitch or quiet loner or cold hearted or warm hearted etc

I guess this is normal because I'm a teenager trying to find who am in this world lol. Here's an interesting fact about me, I love people's reaction. Sometimes I act an certain way to see someone's reaction. In my mind, I plan two scenarios on how someone would react and chose the better option or if I'm feeling like a bitch, I'll be brutally honest. Life's just fun like that. An example is, one time I watched this vietnamese drama and I began speaking politely in vietnamese, speaking softly and being nice like the main character. Then I realised how stupid I sound.

Okay next topic. I believe that my family's love life is cursed. I grew up not seeing a happy couple in my family. I believe people get bored and love slowly dies and the fire will be gone.

I'm scared that I won't be like those old couple who are still together after like decades. I'm scared of the wrong person being my life partner.  I get bored fast. If I have an interest in something it will most likely be obsessive interest. Then when I know everything, and there's nothing left, I get bored. I hear people say "Oh you guys still in the honeymoon mode?" and I wonder why it has to end.

I was listening to 'You don't bring me flowers anymore' by Neil Diamond & Barbara Streisand, and it's basically about how people slowly become less romantic and passionate....

Oh this is depressing!!!

Human minds is so weird, one minute they're head over heels over someone and the next, they wake up not loving their partner...

I really want love to be like in movies but lol

Well that's all I got to say.

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