Monday, 5 January 2015


My favourite months would have to be December and January. The reason used to be because it's summer holiday but that reason has escalated to MASSIVE SALES. Yes the christmas sales to boxing sales to the new years sales. Talk about going crazy for me.

Last week, I had some money to spend. I told my dad I'll be real quick and shop for 30 mins. It was a race to get the best before anyone else. My favourite store is cotton on and they're always having sales.

The only exercise I get is from running in and to stores. I have also developed a new talent. Changing clothes super fast.  30 minutes isn't long so I had to get in the change room, take off everything and try the clothes on. I glance in the mirror for 5 seconds before I am satisfied then I zoomed out to the cashier.

I don't like spending more then $10 on a piece of clothes. In the end of the day I bought 6 clothes for $40. Super pleased with myself ^_^

Anyways here I am again for New Years Resolution. I'm not going to do new me bullshit I alway says. You can't become someone different overnight! So this year I should slowly improve myself and gain more knowledge. Perfect opportunity because I'm starting fresh at university where most of the people don't know me.

Sadly, a lot of girls from my high school are going to the same uni. Well it's too late to back down now since I accepted the free Ipad.

I have been trying to practise swearing less and holding in my temper. Part of me wants to do that but the other part of me want to be a strong, foul mouth bitch who doesn't accept bullshit.

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