Thursday, 4 August 2016

The abandoned Helensburgh station

Abandoned, damaged, dusty and rusty are my thing. I've always had the fascination with the aesthetics. I also love the history behind them.

A good opportunity came up, where I had an assignment that required me to go out and take images of the environment. I decided to take pictures of abandoned places around Sydney. Well sadly, most of them are either abolished or under high security.  

The only place I could reach was the old Helensburgh station. 

It was opened in 1888 and used for steamed trains. It was closed in 1915. From what I've read, it was closed due to health issues from the steam. 

It is also rumoured to be haunted. 

It's quite easy to find. It's a few minutes away from the current Helensburgh station. The ground is quite damp, so wear some gumboots. 
Camera: Nikon d200

My mum once told me that if you see a white orb in your pictures, it means there's a ghost. Got the chills when I saw it. I brushed it off by saying it's just the sunlight. Then I remember reading about a guy that died there...

Yes, I did get scared so I left after 10 minutes of observing the place. I wished I could explore further beyond the gates.

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