Saturday, 20 August 2016


It's 1 am and I just feel the need to write before I attempt to sleep.

Just a few hours ago, I told my friend that I'm happy she's in my life. I fear that one day I won't feel that anymore. Who knows where life would take us, right?

It was around 3 pm when I started feeling 2 am. If I could get rid of something, it'll be self-pity, which is one of the major contributions to my unhappiness. I remember a quote that roughly goes "Regret would cease to exist if we simply switched off our imagination". I thought about it for a while. I have plenty of regrets in my life. If I got rid of the mentality of 'what if' or 'I could've or 'I should've', would I be slightly happier?

I kind of want to go for a walk right now. Does anyone else like smelling the air? Like there is a certain smell at night. Especially during summer, the air smells really nice. I'm an odd one.
I really love night time. It brings out raw emotions and deep thoughts. Cigarettes smell nice at night. I don't smoke though.

It is currently 2:39 am. This is all I could write within the span of time. My mind isn't functionally well lately. I'll leave it at here. 

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